Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not Too Timid

Elizabeth loves swimming and is desperate to swim on her own. We had done swimming lessons in the past but withdrew her as she was having a hard time keeping up with the lessons. I enrolled her in a new program called Timid Toddlers and with this group parents have the option to stay in the pool with their child (for Elizabeth's age group she would now be on her own by now). We join her group on the first day (late as usual) and the children are holding onto their parents with all their might and the parents are looking quite fearful of what is to come. I carry Elizabeth into her group her arms and legs are thrashing, she is splashing everyone within ten feet and she is squealing 'let me go, I need to swim, let me go'. It took all of my strength to hold onto her and keep my swimsuit on. A father says 'looks like we have a dare devil in the group'. I think he is right as she is trying to figure out how she can go down the massive water slide they have. She really is trying to swim at home in her pool and when we put her water wings on she is lifting her legs and kicking in the water. Learning to swim is probably a good idea as Miss Elizabeth is quite fearless and sees no wrong in jumping into any body of water on her own.


Melissa said...

LOL she is too cute! I hear you with the "trying to keep my swimsuit on!" Nathan stiffens up so much in the cooler water that he clings to me and nearly causes a Janet Jackson Super Bowl moment!

I promise to update my blog soon. The botox is working well and he just got new AFO's so I must post those pics.

Kathryn said...

That is so great. LOL. Timid Toddler program for the not so timid Elizabeth! You go girl!