Wednesday, May 06, 2009


As usual around tax time Ivan and I sit down and calculate all the mileage expenses for Elizabeth's medical and therapy appointments. While calculating her out of town appointments I counted each appointment that Elizabeth attended last year and the grand total was 225 for the year 2008. It totally kills me that 225 times Elizabeth is dragged around to therapy, Dr's appointment's and diagnostic procedures. Some of these places we go are at least 2hrs of driving to get there and back. When Elizabeth gets up in the morning she asks 'mama are we having a busy day today?'. As I am working I often try to get her appointments in on the days I am off which leads 2-3 appointments in a day. I am so lucky to have my Mom take her to some of the local appointments and a current job that allows me to flex my time and work around Elizabeth's' schedule.
So many times we had others question Elizabeth's play and socialization and this 225 gives me an understanding, times where she should be playing and learning through play she is in the car, working with adults or being examined. There are days when I am exhausted after a 'busy day' as Elizabeth calls it and I remind myself that I get a break from this when I am work, Elizabeth lives it everyday. It still amazes me how through all this she is so happy and cheerful.

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anon said...

I forgot to add in my comment to your previous blog what a cutie she is!

I know what you mean about the appointments.

Now we try to do stuff that is more interactive. Like instead of private PT she does swim lessons with other kids 2X a week. And weekly sports riding in a class with 3 others instead of hippo.

I know it's a really personal decision that everyone makes as to the type of therapy.