Thursday, June 18, 2009


We have officially finished our Toronto block with Ramon and I think we are all relieved that it is done. Elizabeth once again was so good, she works so hard and never complains. While she is great during her therapy we can see the stress it causes on her as her anxious behaviors have crept up again; our 2 markers are hands in her mouth and her toilet paper fetish which both have have reappeared. We have lots of pictures and videos (which I need Daddy to post) but as we need pictures of the block configurations there are few of Elizabeth at work. Now we must sit down print the pictures and add them to her home program binder. Ivan and I have noticed some changes in her walking with seeing Ramon, she picks her knees up a bit more and can walk up the step at her school on her own. Once again it really is an honour to have Elizabeth work with Ramon, he truly is a remarkable and dedicated man.
Elizabeth for all her hard work enjoyed a lunch a Rainforest Cafe and a couple of new toys, I think she could have got a new car out of if she tried as were so proud of her hard work. We even this week celebrated a full day at home which is a milestone as I don't think we have had a full day at home for months lately. We tributed our day with Elizabeth's favorites; making Popsicles, playing in her sandbox, playing in the water and having a backyard picnic.


Miracles said...

Awesome job Elizabeth!

I wish we could make it tomorrow but we are dealing with a double ear infection and a trip back to the doc will tell us pink eye or not.

Good luck tomorrow, we will have to get together soon.

Jennifer said...

Hey Angi! I tagged you blog for an award if you want it. You can follow the steps on my blog!

Jacolyn said...

Can't wait to see the videos! Way to go Elizabeth!

CP and Me said...

Great job, Elizabeth!!! Keep up the good work!