Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Elizabeth just finished another session of swimming lessons. I know I have said this before but she loves water, I think this a time she feels free. Sometimes this freedom she feels is a bit too much for her and she thinks she can just float away but at least this time they did not have pull her out from the bottom of the pool. She was able to hold still long enough for a back float and is beginning to swim a bit on her own (under the water). As usual we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for her to go under and this time was even worse because they were learning to dive in the deep end. I myself think learning to swim should come before diving in the deep end (with no floaties). Her instructor was great as well and she really worked hard teaching Elizabeth to pull herself out of the pool which too she is getting better at. We will sign her up again in the spring as I think I have enough white hairs for now.


Anonymous said...

You know I think swimming is fabulous motor work - so pleased Lizzy loves it and that you are willing to risk more fine aging, after a while. ;)


I Just Love You said...

swimming is awesome! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Sebastian loves swimming too. He used to do baby swimming under the water with me and it was scary but exciting too. He doesn't have that reflex anymore so no going under the water for now! This summer he started moving his arms and legs purposefully for the first time while swimming which was awesome. Way to go Elizabeth!