Sunday, June 13, 2010


Elizabeth is doing great with her new bike. We have bought her a Triton 3 wheeled bike/roadster and she is now flying on it. I love that I am actually getting exercise as I am running to chase her and keep her from danger. She loves riding it and is getting quite daring. The steering was tricky for her to figure out and in the beginning she smashing into everything and we kept having to pull her out of bushes and off peoples front yards. She is riding further on this bike and our goal is to ride to a nearby ice cream shop. Everywhere she rides people and kids stop by and say how cool her bike is, we met some little boys and they could not wait to try her bike, even though it was pink. We still have to modify it with a proper backrest so right now we used bungee cords to tie cushions on it so she can reach the peddles. We just have to find a basket so she can bring her dino's for a ride.


TherExtras said...

Excellent! She appears to have a handle on the steering. I expect pedaling to be good for her knees - strengthening her muscles in non-weight-bearing and without hyperextension.

Enjoy that ice cream even if the dinos only get to watch, Elizabeth!

abby said...

What a cool bike! Elizabeth looks great on it!

Sherry C said...

She's amazing on the bike, I'm so impressed that she is going so fast and seems to be in control of the bike and where is going already. She will have so much fun on that all summer.

Amy said...

We just bought this bike for E, b/c of your video. E did it herself (albeit not well) in the store before we brought it home! She's a little small for it, so I have to do some modifications...but if she can independently "pilot" this bike, her confidence will just soar. Thank you!