Monday, January 10, 2011


This cute little fella in the picture is capable of causing emotional breakdowns filled with crying to the point of vomiting for Elizabeth. A visit to a department store 3 years ago and me pressing his tummy has permanmently etched a traumatic memory in Elizabeth's little head. This is not the only creature that upsets Elizabeth you can add Wall-E, baby alive and baby toys that play music.
At her last appointment with her Developmental Pediatrician a toy went off in the hall and sent Elizabeth into an emotional meltdown and the rest of the appointment Elizabeth would not look at the Dr. and was very anxious. After a long conversation with her and talking about some other concerning behaviours (chewing on fingers and clothing, highly excitable) she feels that she has anxiety and all the new changes this year have caused her anxiety to increase. I had been blaming her new behaviours on sensory needs but after seeing how these behaviors stopped over the Christmas holiday I am in agreement.
Our new plan is to work on desensitization with the objects that cause her so much fear and to teach her coping skills to use when faced with an anxiety provoking situation. This week she has conquered Baby Alive and has declared that Iggle Piggle can wait until she is 7. I think Iggle Piggle is coming sooner than next year but we will do it together (and on an empty stomach).


Anonymous said...

Actually a good thing that the physician saw her reaction, I think. Conquering Baby Alive is no small feat. Tell Lizzy I cross the street when I see Baby Alive coming toward me.

She is bright and with your help I would not be surprised if Iggle Piggle would be a friend sooner as you predicted.


Anne said...

I to am glad that the developmental pediatrician saw the anxiety first hand. I think sometimes they don't understand that a preschooler can be anxious to the point of having it effect their ability to function. Eliza saw a psychiatrist for anxiety and she and Eliza's neuro-psychologist had some really good tips on desensitizing Eliza's anxiety. It has helped and for the first time in two years Eliza's fingers are not bitten to bloody pulps, but instead I have to cut her nails.

Baby Alive kind of creeps me out so I'm with Elizabeth on that one :)

Eliza is deathly afraid of the Cymbals Monkey in Toy Story 3 (a movie she hasn't seen but whose story line was told to her in great detail by one of her classmates). At night I give her an old remote control and she can change the channel of her dream if the Cymbals Monkey shows up.