Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hooray for Snow

Finally we have snow, it has been miserably muddy until now. Elizabeth continues to LOVE the snow; she loves to eat it, roll in it, to eat it, climb in it, to eat it, build with it and eat some more. Have established how much she loves to eat it? She grazes so much that her face is a chapped mess and we have had to develop guidelines with snow eating.
I too love the snow, there is so much to do and I enjoy shovelling the driveway (no I am not nuts)I just love being outside getting exercise. We have been out as often as we can to go tobogganing at a local hill and Elizabeth has a ball. I love that she is getting an amazing workout by walking up hills. It is nice to see each year how she is improving as last year she needed lots of help to climb up the hill and this year we just need to hold her arm.
Elizabeth continues to be a daredevil and loves the 'jumps' and now can hold herself upright on the toboggan during bumps. She even held on tight enough to knock a man out of the way as he was in her path. She also learned from her Uncle that donuts are not only the ones you eat and they are now added to her daredevil list. Hopefully we can keep this white stuff so we can get out more and enjoy winter.


I Just Love You said...

looks like so much fun! (but i'd be watching from inside with some cocoa!)

Kat said...

Goooooooo, my little Eliz!!! :)

Sherry C said...

That does look like fun for Elizabeth, and I think Ashley may be able too hang on too but I'd be nervous sending her down it would have to be a little hill.