Sunday, February 19, 2006

Elizabeth is now just over 10 1/2 months corrected (14 months actual) and still keeping her parent busy. Thanks to homemade baby food she is now over 17 lbs. Elizabeth's early arrival is becoming more apparent as she is having difficulty meeting some developmental milestones. She has not began to crawl, but she has discovered that she can rotate counter-clockwise on when on her belly. She is getting frustrated that she is not able to get to things that she would like to, so hopefully she will start to get around soon.
She seems to have developed an oral aversion, so she has trouble with textures and throws up if new foods are introduced. Elizabeth is very particular about food and will not eat squishy, slimy, cold, or wet foods; cherios are a staple in her diet, although she has recently developed an appreciation for cheesestrings.
Lizzy has been waiting months for an OT to come and help with eating, but they are in high demand.
Elizabeth is doing well in her speech therapy and seems to have a blast every time she goes. She is learning to vocalize when she wants more and says 'ah' when she sees a toy plane. Her last hearing test showed that she has lost some of her hearing in her left ear, but at the present it is minimal and will not need intervention. She appears to hear most things and loves to dance to her music.
Next month will be a busy month for her, as she turns 1 corrected and will be visiting all of her specialists.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Enjoying Valentine's dinner with her mom and dad...