Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In the first picture she's relaxing with Owen. In the second picture Elizabeth is riding a pony for the very first time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer is going by too fast... Elizabeth has been a busy girl. She's been to see the animals at Bronte park and the African Lion Safari, she's gone to Niagara Falls, her grandparent's cottage (with best friend Owen), she has also been swimming, playing at the sprinkler pads and has just kept her parents busy. Along with having fun, she has also worked very hard. To prepare for nursery school, she has attended a morning playgroup on her own twice. Her teachers couldn't believe how bright she is. Hopefully, she can attend preschool in the fall, but since she is not walking yet, this maybe a problem. Elizabeth is still attending all of her therapy and is doing great. She also has a worker (Erin) who comes to the house to help with Elizabeth. She loves hanging out with Erin.
Niagara Falls with greatgrandpa.
Where does milk really come from?
prinklers at ALS.