Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hang Out

Elizabeth and Harrison's favorite past time is playing in the hangout. Harrison fusses in the morning until I put him down so he can play with Elizabeth. Most often he just gazes at her and rubs his slobbery fists' on her while she sings and occasionally there will be a yelp from Elizabeth as he has a handful of her hair.
Elizabeth who is learning how to spell has labelled their 'hainowt' and places the 'occupid' sign when they are at play.
This time also gives me a couple minutes to get dressed which I really appreciate.

Independent = Keeping out of Trouble

I have had some phone calls home from Elizabeth's school and Elizabeth herself will admit to some 'antics' she is doing at school. Her 'antics' have included meltdowns/tantrums, interrupting others, purposely yawning and saying how bored she is when her teacher is teaching a lesson. I am so horrified to hear what she has been doing and dread when I see her school's number on the phone. She knows these little 'antics' would not be okay at home yet she was doing these puzzling things at school.
As I have said we are so blessed to have such a great teacher and she knew this was not the typical Elizabeth and with her, the SERT and myself we problem solved why she was getting into trouble. I had thoughts that she was getting a bit smothered by her helpers and was telling them in her way to back off. So now as Elizabeth says is newly 'independent'; she is given more freedom at recess and is joining kids at tag (with her aid close by but not holding her hand), she can now have a bathroom buddy instead of her aide and her teacher has paired her with some of the advanced students for enriched work. The 1:1 time with her SERT to work on her fine motor skills now happens in the classroom with her peers as well.
With all these changes Elizabeth has had 3 weeks of great days. She has been happily earning stickers to trade in for Skylander creatures for her favourite videogame which may start to get expensive but is worth it.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Just like his sister

Harrison seems to have the same love for books that his sister has. When Elizabeth showed him her old book he squealed and happily looks at her books while on on his tummy.
Elizabeth is now reading chapter books and anything else she can find in print. She is boosting her knowledge with encyclopedia's on bugs, fish and any other living thing. I frequently find her in the middle of night reading her books and she will read in bed if she gets up too early (for that I am very thankful).


The little guy is now 3mths old. He topped the scale at 13.8lbs 2 weeks ago and is continuing to get rounder each day. He is working quite hard at sucking on his hand but just has not yet figured out how to get his thumb uncurled yet. As long as his tummy is not ailing him he is a pretty happy fella, he loves his baths, music and swatting at his toys on the play gym. He is only getting up 2-3 times a night to feed which is nice. I still have a limited diet to keep his tummy from discomfort, he still cannot tolerate any food containing dairy and weekly new foods are added to the list of what I cannot eat. I am hoping as he matures it will get better.
He had his first Daddy day as Elizabeth and I went to the movies together. He happily took a bottle of breastmilk from daddy which we will do more often, Harrison really loves to be around his Mama and won't look at anyone who may take him from me. He adores his sister despite the fact that she asked for him to be returned for a 'no wawa' version.