Saturday, March 31, 2012

Independent = Keeping out of Trouble

I have had some phone calls home from Elizabeth's school and Elizabeth herself will admit to some 'antics' she is doing at school. Her 'antics' have included meltdowns/tantrums, interrupting others, purposely yawning and saying how bored she is when her teacher is teaching a lesson. I am so horrified to hear what she has been doing and dread when I see her school's number on the phone. She knows these little 'antics' would not be okay at home yet she was doing these puzzling things at school.
As I have said we are so blessed to have such a great teacher and she knew this was not the typical Elizabeth and with her, the SERT and myself we problem solved why she was getting into trouble. I had thoughts that she was getting a bit smothered by her helpers and was telling them in her way to back off. So now as Elizabeth says is newly 'independent'; she is given more freedom at recess and is joining kids at tag (with her aid close by but not holding her hand), she can now have a bathroom buddy instead of her aide and her teacher has paired her with some of the advanced students for enriched work. The 1:1 time with her SERT to work on her fine motor skills now happens in the classroom with her peers as well.
With all these changes Elizabeth has had 3 weeks of great days. She has been happily earning stickers to trade in for Skylander creatures for her favourite videogame which may start to get expensive but is worth it.


I Just Love You said...

she's trying to tell you she's not your little baby have a new one. ;) rachel really stepped it up after charlie came along. i guess she may always have been ready but i wasn't giving her enough credit. always have to check myself! how's the swaddling going?

Anne said...

Another girl with a love of Skylanders! They are in a toss up with Pokemon around here :)