Sunday, March 27, 2005

On Thursday, March 24th, Elizabeth finally came home. She is almost 40 weeks and over 2000 grams. She still needs oxygen due to scarring from chronic lung disease. Her lungs are slowly regenerating but not fast enough to keep up with her growth.
Elizabeth is also on caffeine. Heart and oxygen monitors are on all the time to make sure that everything is O.K.
It appears that she likes to be at home. She has been eating well and loves to snuggle with her mom and dad.

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Elizabeth is still having ups and downs. Her new caregivers are slowly beginning to get comfortable with her needs.
She has been eating like a pro. Her feeding tube was removed and she eats by breast with mom (lucky for dad) during the day and by bottle at night. Because the feeding tube was removed, her reflux has improved significantly.
Elizabeth is now over 4 lbs and is getting rolls in her neck and legs.
She still needs oxygen due to "periodic breathing" and poor blood gases. Elizabeth is getting caffeine again, which stimulates her brain so she remembers to breathe. This is a step back since most preemies at her age do not need it.
Since she is getting the caffeine and continues to have bradycardic episodes, Elizabeth may need to go home on oxygen and monitors. Her parents are desperate for her to come home by Easter.

Hanging out at JB...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Elizabeth had a busy, challenging and very tiring week. On Wednesday she was transferred to Joseph Brant hospital, in their special care nursery. She had a difficult time settling and has had a couple of setbacks.
Her reflux has gotten worse since the transfer, requiring her feeds to be set back is needing oxygen continuously again. Once Elizabeth gets used to her environment (nurses, lights, etc.) and the nurses feel comfortable with her ups and downs (oxygen level) after she has been fed, hopefully she will be back to her normal self.
Her mom and dad have been quite concerned as they haven't been able to cuddle due to her unstable moments.
On Friday, Elizabeth and all other babies in the nursery had to be evacuated as sewage was coming out of the sinks and the cleanup crew did not wait until the babies were out before starting to vacuum. Her mom and dad pray that she does not get any infections from the disaster.
Despite all of this stress, Elizabeth is still gaining weight and is over 1600 grams. Her parents hope she can come home soon.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Elizabeth is a growing girl. She is now 1584 grams and has left her isolette to sleep in a cot.
Reflux is still a concern and is slowing her progress. She is breastfeeding with mom 3 times daily and is a pro at eating. She seems to eat too much which causes her heart rate to drop and she turns blue, but is able to recover on her own. Her mom thinks that she has her dad's appetite.
The transfer to St. Joseph hospital is on hold. If Elizabeth is big and strong enough when she is considered for transfer again, she may be able to go to Joseph Brant, which is much closer to her home.
Elizabeth had her eyes and ears checked this week. Both need closer and frequent checks as they are not up to norm yet. Her mom and dad hope that she will be home for Easter.

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