Sunday, March 27, 2005

On Thursday, March 24th, Elizabeth finally came home. She is almost 40 weeks and over 2000 grams. She still needs oxygen due to scarring from chronic lung disease. Her lungs are slowly regenerating but not fast enough to keep up with her growth.
Elizabeth is also on caffeine. Heart and oxygen monitors are on all the time to make sure that everything is O.K.
It appears that she likes to be at home. She has been eating well and loves to snuggle with her mom and dad.


Laur & Anthony said...

Anthony and I are so happy that you are at home with your mom and dad.
Last night we all thought about the 3 of you at our Easter dinner, all of the gang says they send there love and well wishes.
You must love your new home, you have fabulous parents. Ang and Ivan you two are doing such an amazing job. Anthony and I are so proud of you both. We are glad that you now are able to enjoy snuggling with your beautiful little girl at home.
Keep up the great work!
Lot's of love,
Laur & Anthony

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!
Mark and I are so happy that Elizabeth is home with her mom and dad for Easter (and she gets a second Orthodox Easter in May - how confusing is that for her?!...)
We wish you all the best and we can not wait until we can meet your little bundle of joy!
Teta Mara and Mark

Anonymous said...

i am so happy she is at home. Hope you had a great easter with her. Give her a big hug for me.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations all 3 of you!!!!!

You made it home.
I knew you would.
Well done Bizzy Lizzy!

All the best to you, always.

Andie, RT@theGeneral