Monday, October 29, 2007

What's New

Elizabeth is having a great time at pre-school and until this weekend been healthy despite being with other kids. Elizabeth has even introduced herself to the class fish by reaching her hand into the tank and grabbing him, we hope the fish survived.
Elizabeth saw her Developmental Pediatrician and she was pleased with her progress. Her feeling is that Elizabeth is showing signs of cerebellum damage (ataxia) but we will not get the proper diagnosis until next year as there is a wait list of a year for MRI's here. She feels that in time in her brain damage will be more apparent as fine motor skills are developing. She had said kids similar to Elizabeth may have difficulty with printing, catching a ball and riding a bike. Cerebellum injuries are very similar to being drunk and her difficulties are similar to a person who is intoxicated. On her assessment Elizabeth weighed 24lb 10oz, which was less than her August weight.
Elizabeth has been eating like a champ she tells us she is an 'eating machine', she still needs to be watched carefully for choking but is eating anything we put on her plate. She has even started to bite foods which is a huge achievement. Elizabeth loves broccoli, meat of any kind, cheese and oranges.
Currently Elizabeth has a cold and nasty gastro which has left her with days of diarrhea and diaper rash. She is still happy and is getting ready for Halloween.

Princess Party

Friday, October 12, 2007

We take one step at a time.

Getting Elizabeth to her class at school is not one of my favourite activities in the mornings. It is a busy place lots of kids and parents coming and going. To get Elizabeth to her class we need to go down a set of stairs and drop off her bag at her cubby and continue up 2 sets of stairs to her class. Stairs are a challenge for Elizabeth she still requires complete assistance to get up and down, she needs cueing for each step and reminders for her hand placement. I really want to pick her up and carry her to speed up the process and avoid stares but this important for Elizabeth to learn as she needs to be independent. I really try to keep to one side to let everyone pass but one mom persistently tails behind us complaining the whole way. "I have places to go", "we need to hurry up" she tells her daughter behind us. Yes at one point I had places to go to but then came Elizabeth and she brought my life to a standstill and now to pace in which we can stop and admire everything on the way. Yes we take one step at a time but we see and experience more along the way.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

She continues to shock and awe.

Elizabeth had her hearing checked again at the Hospital for Sick Kids and wowed her audiologist Vicki. To check Elizabeth's hearing at her AV therapy and at home we have her put a puzzle/peg to her ear and place it when she hears one the Ling's six sounds (ah,oo,ee,mm,ss,and sh). Elizabeth at times has difficulities with the shh and sss as they are high frequency sounds. Elizabeth sat in the sound booth with her headphones and correctly placed all the pegs. Her audiologist could not believe how well she has done. Auditory Neuropathy continues to be such a puzzling diagnosis and often parents want to rush in to get implants. Elizabeth has shown them that waiting to see can be okay and beneficial. She will continue to go every 4 months for checks as with AN hearing loss can fluctuate.
Her preschool is still trying to figure how she has a hearing impairment as she talks so well. She recently asked 'if Daddy was an alien?' and 'where was the deep space signal?', she makes me laugh with her constant curiosity.