Saturday, October 06, 2007

She continues to shock and awe.

Elizabeth had her hearing checked again at the Hospital for Sick Kids and wowed her audiologist Vicki. To check Elizabeth's hearing at her AV therapy and at home we have her put a puzzle/peg to her ear and place it when she hears one the Ling's six sounds (ah,oo,ee,mm,ss,and sh). Elizabeth at times has difficulities with the shh and sss as they are high frequency sounds. Elizabeth sat in the sound booth with her headphones and correctly placed all the pegs. Her audiologist could not believe how well she has done. Auditory Neuropathy continues to be such a puzzling diagnosis and often parents want to rush in to get implants. Elizabeth has shown them that waiting to see can be okay and beneficial. She will continue to go every 4 months for checks as with AN hearing loss can fluctuate.
Her preschool is still trying to figure how she has a hearing impairment as she talks so well. She recently asked 'if Daddy was an alien?' and 'where was the deep space signal?', she makes me laugh with her constant curiosity.

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Miracles said...

Well this doesn't surprise me at all. She is the most intelligent, well behaved and funny little girl I know. She has wonderful parents who continue to go to whatever extreme you have to go to for her.

And yes she is such a cutie!!