Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reptile Party

We decided to have Elizabeth's birthday party early just in case the little guy plans to appear (and so far this is not the case). Elizabeth has wanted since last year for her birthday party to have a reptile party so we found a great place that you could go and visit the reptiles (having them at my house is not really a thought I wanted to consider). This party was everything she had hoped for; holding tarantula's, snakes, lizards and other small creatures was definitely to her liking. All her friends seemed to enjoy themselves and weren't too leery of these creatures.
Every time I looked at Elizabeth during her party she was beaming and it was great to see her with her classmates who all really enjoy being with her and sharing her odd interests.
In lieu of gifts this year we asked her friends to bring a small gift for a baby in the NICU as this year we want to continue the tradition and bring gifts for the babies in the NICU this Christmas. Elizabeth did luck out and received some pretty cool gifts for herself too; the dino poop, dino cookie cutters and dino crafts were certainly not unappreciated by her.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Booked for his Arrival

I am officially booked for my c-section. Depending on the day I wonder if I will get that far but now being 35 weeks I can relax knowing that the little guy is pretty safe to come at anytime now. I'd say I can now breathe easy but that is pretty hard to do seeing I am short of breath all the time now.
Pictures of me will be hard to find now as I am entering the 'not pretty' phase with 30 plus pounds on a 5 foot body I am looking a bit puffy and my ankles are definitely missing.
December 12 is the day I am booked for a c-section. This is a bit creepy for me as the day I should be going home is the day I came to the hospital 7 years ago in preterm labour with Elizabeth.
My c-section with Elizabeth was a not a typical incision as she was too far down and distressed so a t-incision was needed. This t-incision makes one high risk for rupture therefore I cannot go into labour at all and must get to the hospital right away. It is a bit unnerving as I contract all the time and am not too close to the high risk hospital. My contractions have not gotten worse but I can easily have a handful in an hour. I do feel a bit like a ticking time bomb so I don't go too far anymore without a chaperone.
So for now I am trying to get Christmas shopping done online before the little guy appears and hope to hang around for Elizabeth's birthday party this weekend. Elizabeth has been a great help getting things ready for the baby and asked if she can come to the Operating room to see the little dude being born; as much as she would really enjoy it I think she can come a bit later.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Different

"I'm different" Elizabeth said to me as we were getting ready to leave a friends birthday party at a gymnastic center. "I can't walk right, that's why I'm different' she clarified. Me being totally caught off guard by her candid comment and a bit emotional due to my pregnancy lost my breath. What do you say to your child as your heart is breaking? I know it is not my fault that she was born so early but hearing her say that makes me feel I have failed her in so many ways. She is different she will always be different from her friends and everything will always be a struggle for her and I hate that she doesn't get a break from her life and all the work she does.
So for now we give her all the love, praise and acceptance we can and hope that she continues to have a positive outlook on life and her fierce will to be independent.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Belly Update

I can't believe it I am now 33 weeks pregnant, the little guy will soon be bigger than his sister was when she came home. I continue to feel great; I won't deny I have most of the aches, pains and discomforts of a third trimester Mom but I will not complain. I no longer have to have the invasive ultrasounds to measure cervical length which is lovely but it is unnerving as I have no idea what my cervix is doing and seeing that I am at a teaching hospital I have not offered myself for a peek with residents or the OB that was covering for my normal one. I have one more week of the Progesterone.

I have increased my activity a bit now and will go for a short walk and will venture out for more than my previous 1/2hr. It is so nice to walk around; to get fresh air and to move my aching hips. Elizabeth loves taking Mamma and 'little dude' for a walk and we make a great pair with me waddling and her odd gait but we take out time.

Another funny thing is I am now having braxton hicks contractions which are different from the ones that I normally have. I also have to check my blood sugars four times a day as I was dumping my sugars in the morning and failed that nasty glucose test. So far they are normal and the only I needed to change in my diet is to increase my protein consumption which will help stabilize my blood sugar. I am hoping that this will help my 3am snacking habit which really wreaks havoc with getting enough sleep.

I am packed and ready and most of the nursery is done. We just have to agree on a name which is not going too well; Elizabeth and I have our favourite name but Daddy is not on board.

Happy Halloween

Of course another great Halloween. Elizabeth went out with a new friend who lives close by. She continues to have a fierce love for candy (just like her Father). She reminded me of myself when she got home as she sorted, bagged and hid her candy (from Daddy).