Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Once again, time has flown by and Elizabeth is 19 months (corrected). It is hard to believe that she will soon have her 2nd birthday. Elizabeth continues to surprise her parents with what she learns. Some of the new additions to her vocabulary are 'thunder', 'tractor', 'chicken', and 'brum' every time she sees a car driving by.
Elizabeth started crawling a couple of months ago and has perfected her new skill and wanders through the house including on the stairs.
Elizabeth's schedule is still quite busy. She is now seen by a multi-disciplinary team in the area and has just began to see an occupational therapist and a speech pathologist who help her with her eating and sensory difficulties. She will also be seeing a physiotherapist that will help her walk.
Her audio-verbal therapy is going well too and just today, Elizabeth had her visit at Sick-kids hospital to get her ears checked. According to the test results her hearing loss has improved since her last test :-), and her audiologist was amazed with her progress.
Just recently, Elizabeth went to the pumpkin farm and saw some farm animals. When she got to the chickens, she said 'chicken, ummmm' (chicken fingers are her faivourite food).