Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting to know Elizabeth

Elizabeth really is enjoying being in grade 1 this year, I think last year she was a bit bored and now she is being challenged cognitively which she needed. This year there are no complaints about her not paying attention and urges for me to look into pharmaceutical help for her poor attention, instead she comes home telling me about science, religion and is reading chapter books. I cannot even begin to say how blessed we are to have the teachers and support staff she has this year, they have made this year so positive for her. She does have 1:1 assistance during the day to ensure her safety which is great as she has had some very off days and tons of falls lately.
Her teacher this year listened to my respetitive mantra 'if she is unhappy, naughty or edgy something is wrong' and will look into why she is not her normal happy self. Elizabeth has had some very off days and has done some very atypical things (spitting, being disrespectful and wanting to be on her own). Each time her teacher has problem solved why this is happening and calls me to discuss her concerns. She picked up on the edgy behavior and called me to bring pain medication as Elizabeth's legs were hurting, she has Elizabeth sitting on a chair instead of the floor at carpet time and the spitting stopped and Elizabeth announced 'I can now see Mrs. M.' and at recess she now has Elizabeth paired with classmates as when questioned Elizabeth stated 'that she cannot run with her friends so she plays alone'.
Instead of being told how miserable, distracted and defiant my child is her teacher is looking into why and we have a much more adjusted little girl which we are so pleased about.
We are having Elizabeth be accountable for her actions as well and with a written pact she knows that certain behaviors will cause her to lose her beloved Rexy for a couple of days and after his last vacation away she knows I do mean business.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We just finished our whirlwind Thanksgiving long weekend. The weather was amazing for Daddy to garden and for Elizabeth to spend lots of time outside. Myself I waddled around everyone reading and trying to not do too much. We had our dinner at my brother's house and actually got to eat outside in the sun which has never happened before. Elizabeth loved all the activities they planned for her and her cousin's; from bobbing for apples, pumpkin bowling, relay races and a prize booth. The kids and adults had a ball.
This year we have so many things to be thankful for;
- for our health (despite Elizabeth's early arrival she is a very healthy kid)
- for me now being in my third trimester
- for a Daddy who is tolerating my increasing need to nest
- for family and friends who are helping me to run errands
- for Uncle Philly who stops by to cut our lawn to free up some of Daddy's time
- for friends who will come out with Elizabeth and I knowing that they will be chasing after a kid who knows no limits while I sit on my butt
- for Elizabeth's school who are working hard to ensure her success and safety
- for Elizabeth inheriting her Daddy's ability to draw (the turkey above is a prime example)
We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

She's Practicing / Third Trimester

Elizabeth has been busy getting ready for her new role as a big sister. I think she would much rather have a baby dino for a brother (or even name him Dino) but I think she will be happy with who's hiding in my expanding tummy. Her dino Rexy has became her official baby; she changes his diaper, tucks him in his crib, feeds him, takes him for walks and now he is often given the privilege of wearing her baby brother's outfits (which are mostly dinosaur print). She is really trying to help out at home and states 'don't worry Momma I know you can't bend down I 'll get that for you' quite frequently.
As for how things are going for me I feel great usual, I am definitely bigger than I was with Elizabeth but so far if is mostly belly, I still have never ending contractions and am happy to report no cervical changes. I still am hanging out at home most of the time but am allowed to be on my feet for 1/2hr at a time so I do allow myself a quick errand or will take Elizabeth to a nearby appointment, that 1/2 hr really flies so I must plan my adventure perfectly. A major milestone is now I am in my third trimester which is super cool.