Monday, March 27, 2006

riding around

Friday, March 24, 2006

Elizabeth came home one year ago!

Time has flown by! Elizabeth has been home for a full year and her parents have enjoyed every minute of it. She is full of nrg and cannot wait to get moving and into trouble. She has recently began to pull herself along the floor and loves to follow her mother around the house. She continues to do well at speech and has just began to wave bye-bye. An occupational therapist has been visiting Elizabeth to help with her eating. She loves cheese and cherios and her mother has been sneaking in pureed meats into her foods to help her grow. Elizabeth still throws up frequently when different textures are given to her, but is getting braver and wants to sample from her parents plate. Reflux is still a problem with her an she has been having tummy aches. She has still gained some weight and is now close to 18 pounds. Next week she will have her hearing checked at Sick Kids and will visit the growth and development clinic at Mac.
Elizabeth visited the eye doctor today, and her vision is great.