Monday, March 27, 2006

riding around


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Elizabeth you aredoing so wel and we are so proud of you. You will be getting into lots of mischief soon. Get ready mom and Dad.

Love Grandma H. xxxxxx

Laur & Anthony said...

Lizzy, you are getting so big. You look like a little girl in this picture, it looks like your having fun.

I agree with Grandma H, you are going to be getting into everything soon.

Hope that you, your mom and dad are doing well.

Luv Laur & Anthony

burn team said...

Hi Lizzy! I haven't written to u in awhile only becuz I c u all the time!!!! Thanx 4 letting me play with ur toyz!!! I luv u!! ur buddy....Owen Bertling....xxoo