Wednesday, May 16, 2007

At 27 months, little Elizabeth keeps her parents very busy. She's very chatty and likes to talk from the time that she wakes up until she goes to bed. She can count up to 5 and recognizes familiar words.
A couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth had her hearing tested again at Sick Kids and the results were consistent and showed minor hearing loss in the high frequency, so she has difficulty hearing and repeating "f", "s", "sh" sounds. Overall her hearing is amazing. As with the rest of her preemie follow-ups: her eyes are doing great, although she barfed on her eye doctor because she was upset.
Recently she has met all 3 of her pediatricians and all of them are not sure why she is unable to walk. She doesn't seem to have spastic diplegia CP as was thought previously. It seems that she is having problems with balance and we are going to see a neurologist. Her Dr suspects that she may have ataxic CP or has had an injury to her cerebellum and that an MRI will be necessary.
She is progressing with physio and can walk while holding on to only one hand.
She has some new faviourite activities: rides in a bike trailer and getting dirty in her new sandbox.