Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie Katy

My sister Katy recently had her 30th birthday and when asked what she wanted for her birthday her reply was GOMEZ. She loves Selena Gomez; she loves her music, the Wizards of Waverly Place and all the movies that she is in. Timing was great as I noticed Selena was coming to town so I was able to get some tickets to her show. Elizabeth lately has taken an interest in Selena as well so she was happy to come too. My friend and her daughter also happily came which gave me a bit of back up as I was not too sure how this big excursion would be for me and my limited activities. Of course my parents were outside the stadium waiting for us as they are a bit afraid I may go into labour at any time.

We secured a pretty good spot on the grass with our blanket so I was able to sit for most of the show and while my sister danced and sang her heart out. I don't think I have seen my sister this lively; the past couple of years she sadly for unknown reasons is declining in her speech and cognition. She is present with us but not the quick witted person she once was which is sad to see. Seeing how happy she was holding up her poster she had made and waving to Selena for the entire concert was so nice to see.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To pack or not to pack

As I am getting close to when I went into labour (2 weeks until I am at 25 weeks) with Elizabeth for awhile I have been wondering what I should do to prepare. As with Elizabeth I had no warning that I was going to go into labour and Daddy was left to bring me supplies in the midst of our turmoil, I cringe at the outfits I was left to wear that he had thoughtfully brought.

I am a huge planner I like to have everything ready for whatever we do so it has been on my mind what I should get ready if something was to happen. So after a bit of a scare with me ending up in L&D as I was having frequent contractions I now have a bag prepared that I hope will not be needed.

I am now being followed by my OB weekly which is very comforting and have had no cervical changes. I am still contracting a fair bit so am trying to stay pretty low key. After my last scare I am drinking tons of water and have omitted Red Velvet cupcakes (this bulgarian boy like his father and sister really enjoys sugar).

I do not have the above bag but own a couple of the Lug bags and they are my favourite Mommy purses. I am hoping this will be the next bag in my possession as it would make a lovely diaper bag (hint hint Dear).

Monday, August 15, 2011


Despite what I would call a very low key summer Elizabeth's anxiety has reached an all time high. I have started to see that what I thought was reflux and car sickness is Elizabeth getting anxious about certain (okay many) situations. The same theme continues as they relate around toys (Buzz Lightyear, Ken, Wall-E, Dora, Elmo and many baby musical toys) it seems as though we conquer one and a new toy jumps in the mix.

Going to any store that sells toys is petrifying for Elizabeth, she is sweating, crying and does what she can to avoid the situation all together. What made me really sees how bad things had gotten was when I told she was going to see one of her favourite friends at his house and instead of elation she sobbed because she was too afraid to go there.

She is really smart getting out of these situations and if you didn't know her fears you would not see how she will manipulate the situation to avoid facing her fears. She often wants to play outside at friends houses, say she is tired and needs to watch tv at daycare and even asked her auntie if Barbie has any boyfriends at her house to avoid catching a glimpse of Ken.

I have tried to step up her exposure to her fears and I am repeatedly seen pulling her through the toy section at stores talking her through her fears and we do bring some of these items home to work on but it is endless how her anxiety creeps up and I feel like I am torturing her.

I have called for help and hope to get her enrolled in some extra help before she starts school and it intensifies. Seeing her so anxious just kills me as she normally is the happiest kid. I can't help but blame this too on her prematurity and wonder when does it stop for her, when does she get a break from the insult of her early arrival?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Enjoying Summer

Like everyone else our summer is flying by; with my work schedule and Elizabeth's PT, riding and swimming lessons we have been busy. We were able to get away for a week to my parents trailer and did some of her favourite activities. Elizabeth is so happy at the trailer and loves frog catching, fishing, swimming and going to the beach. Mommy especially loves the little country bakery which is close by. We know when Elizabeth is really happy as she hums when she is in her element which is exactly what she does when she is playing in the sand.

We did have a day trip to South Hampton and spent the afternoon at their museum which this year is hosting the Grossology exhibit. We have learned all we need to know about barf, farts, poop, boogers and germs. Ironically Elizabeth was able to answer all the barf related questions as it seems that she still for many reasons has a volcanic like barf every couple of months (we left our latest mark at Dairy Queen on route to the trailer).

The weather here has been stifling so we have had spent many days in the 'tacky' pool which has warmed up to a lovely 90 degrees.