Thursday, August 04, 2011

Enjoying Summer

Like everyone else our summer is flying by; with my work schedule and Elizabeth's PT, riding and swimming lessons we have been busy. We were able to get away for a week to my parents trailer and did some of her favourite activities. Elizabeth is so happy at the trailer and loves frog catching, fishing, swimming and going to the beach. Mommy especially loves the little country bakery which is close by. We know when Elizabeth is really happy as she hums when she is in her element which is exactly what she does when she is playing in the sand.

We did have a day trip to South Hampton and spent the afternoon at their museum which this year is hosting the Grossology exhibit. We have learned all we need to know about barf, farts, poop, boogers and germs. Ironically Elizabeth was able to answer all the barf related questions as it seems that she still for many reasons has a volcanic like barf every couple of months (we left our latest mark at Dairy Queen on route to the trailer).

The weather here has been stifling so we have had spent many days in the 'tacky' pool which has warmed up to a lovely 90 degrees.

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