Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally Pictures and a Name

Finally pictures of our little man Harrison Charlie. Elizabeth has been very set on naming him Charlie and might continue to do so but we have chosen Harrison as his first name. We have been home for a week now which has been great, we did need to stay a bit longer as his weight dropped below 11% but once my milk came him there is no problem with weight gain as he is now over his birth weight. He so far is a very easy baby during the day as he sleeps all day, I just wake him to feed every 2 hrs. Nighttime is a bit different we are not sure if he has a bit of reflux or am I eating some foods that cause him grief. He has a bit of a tendency to scream from 9:00pm to 3:00am which makes for a long night but I think it is getting better as we are figuring him out. Elizabeth gave a us a very quick crash course on infant reflux when she came home so we are armed to deal with his upset tummy.
Elizabeth really is enjoying him and is so helpful and sweet. She just has a hard time when he cries and she often ends up in tears too.
We are so immensly blessed to have him as part of our family.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

He's Here

Our baby boy arrived safely Thursday morning. After having some back pain Wednesday night that would not go away we decided to go get checked out. I spent the early early hours of Thursday morning in labour with the OB resident vacillating between sending me home and or admitting me and once my OB came in at 8:00 am she finalized the decision and I was whisked off to the OR in 10 minutes flat. Knowing all the disasters that happened with Elizabeth when I laboured with her they took extra care this time and all went smoothly.
Our little baby boy arrived at 8:45 weighing 6 lbs 2 oz, we have still to agree on a name but have some idea as to what we both like. The lungs on this little guy are great he has been kicked out of the nursery for being disruptive and now continues his nightly parties with me in our room. This is a huge difference as Elizabeth never had enough reserve to cry or felt hungry, this fella wants be fed NOW.
We are having a bit of a prolonged stay as he keeps losing weight, for now we have had to add a bit of formula but hope we can continue with the plan to nurse.
Elizabeth has been in a couple of times but has a bit of a cold so I am keeping her at a distance which is hard as we are never apart. She can't wait to have him at home and hopefully that will happen tomorrow.