Thursday, September 20, 2012

1st Big Feat

Two remarkable things happened over the summer that we are so excited about. Elizabeth can now put on her own AFO's (big pair and short pair) and her sandals. Until you have a child who wears orthotics (or if you spend a day with Elizabeth) you can never fully appreciate how easy it is for your child to slip on their shoes and walk out the door. AFO's are big and cumbersome and jamming them into shoes is difficult for an adult to do. Rain boots for Elizabeth can only be worn if Daddy is home because there is no way I can get them on or off her AFO's, as it requires brute force. Add a wiggling baby to the mix now and getting out the door is a fine art, by the time I have helped Elizabeth get her AFO's and shoes on Harrison is screaming or has slithered away into trouble. Elizabeth is so proud now that she can put on her own AFO's and she is 'independant' and for her that means all the world to her. Way to go Elizabeth. Stay tuned for her second huge feat.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Grade 2 Look Out

Elizabeth is officially in grade 2 now. She was pretty excited to go back to school and see her friends. I was really happy to see our favourite assistant back this year to help her.  Her first day of school outfit coordinated well with her leopard print AFO's and her new animal print backpack. Animal prints are the new fashion trend for Elizabeth, she told me I was not fashionable as I have not yet conformed to her new trend myself.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Our summer has officially ended which is bittersweet, we have had tons of fun but I am happy to get some things done when Elizabeth gets back to school. Considering a baby brother has been added to the mix we still got a lot accomplished. The 'tacky pool' has hung in there and we have had lots of pool days. Of course we spent as much time as we could at Grammy and Grampy's trailer as a family and with friends; we will never tire of s'mores by the campfire, fishing, frog catching and hanging out at the beach. To keep peace with Harrison we have gone for lots of walks with Harrison behind the wheel of his little car. Elizabeth had visiting Marineland on the top of her summer to do list so we spent a day there where Elizabeth saw dolphins, beluga's, killer whales and sea lions. Over the summer we have noticed Elizabeth physical abilities and endurance have improved, being able to walk through Marineland on her own is an amazing feat as it is a huge park. This was the first summer where we were not running back and forth to phsyiotherapy and yet she still made amazing gains.