Thursday, September 20, 2012

1st Big Feat

Two remarkable things happened over the summer that we are so excited about. Elizabeth can now put on her own AFO's (big pair and short pair) and her sandals. Until you have a child who wears orthotics (or if you spend a day with Elizabeth) you can never fully appreciate how easy it is for your child to slip on their shoes and walk out the door. AFO's are big and cumbersome and jamming them into shoes is difficult for an adult to do. Rain boots for Elizabeth can only be worn if Daddy is home because there is no way I can get them on or off her AFO's, as it requires brute force. Add a wiggling baby to the mix now and getting out the door is a fine art, by the time I have helped Elizabeth get her AFO's and shoes on Harrison is screaming or has slithered away into trouble. Elizabeth is so proud now that she can put on her own AFO's and she is 'independant' and for her that means all the world to her. Way to go Elizabeth. Stay tuned for her second huge feat.


Cary said...

That is awesome! I can't wait for my Ben to be able to do that...

Just a tip on rubber boots...we cut Ben's right down the back and leave about a 1/2 inch before the heel. Yes, his feet iwill get wet if he stomps in big puddles, but otherwise his feet stay dry...and they aren't so hard to put on!

I Just Love You said...

way to go elizabeth! :)

Anne said...

You go Elizabeth! You both should be deservedly proud!

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