Monday, February 27, 2012


We have had another unuasully odd winter here in Canada with little snow. Unllike many people we love the snow and are quite sad that we have not had any impressive snowfalls. Elizabeth is so upset about no snow to play in and stated 'mother nature is fired'. Some of the neighbourhood kids and Elizabeth managed to find enough snow to make mudman who was a combination of mud, snow and carrots. We are still hopeful for a big snowfal and cold enough weather to keep it from melting but it doesn't look too good.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

True love

A belated Valentines post but worthy of mentioning Elizabeth's ongoing betrothal. Since preschool Elizabeth has been betrothed to her prince named Hayden and despite not seeing each other often she still professes her love for him. When I ask her what she she likes about her 'true love' her answer is simple 'because he is handsome and he wears AFO's.'
We were able to get the two together for a playdate and Elizabeth was given flowers and a hot wheel by her beau.
We will have to ensure supervision on their future playdates as she stated when she is older she is going to kiss him behind our shed. For now we can rest knowing that hot wheels is the hottest topic between them.