Sunday, February 11, 2007

Baking cookies

New boots

Elizabeth was recently fitted with a new pair of ankle foot orthotics. About a week before Christmas, Elizabeth's developmental pediatrician diagnosed her with cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia). The reasons for this diagnosis were that Elizabeth is still not able to walk and her feet are pointing out and rolling in. Shortly after Elizabeth was born she had developed a grade II brain hemorrhage and enlarged ventricles which may have caused her CP.
The orthotics that Elizabeth wears appear to be helping her and just lately she has been able to stand unsupported for 1-2 minutes. She continues to go to CME Medek which will be Elizabeth's key to walking independently.
She continues to work hard in Auditory-Verbal therapy, occupational and physical therapy as well.
Along with the many appointments, Elizabeth spends the better part of the day doing exercises and practicing speech. Her mom and dad often try to incorporate all her therapy into play activities.
Elizabeth is a very happy girl, she sings to herself while she plays. She surpised her parents by recognizing several letters of the alphabet (A, B, D, E, L, M, O). She can even say a word that starts with each letter.