Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To pack or not to pack

As I am getting close to when I went into labour (2 weeks until I am at 25 weeks) with Elizabeth for awhile I have been wondering what I should do to prepare. As with Elizabeth I had no warning that I was going to go into labour and Daddy was left to bring me supplies in the midst of our turmoil, I cringe at the outfits I was left to wear that he had thoughtfully brought.

I am a huge planner I like to have everything ready for whatever we do so it has been on my mind what I should get ready if something was to happen. So after a bit of a scare with me ending up in L&D as I was having frequent contractions I now have a bag prepared that I hope will not be needed.

I am now being followed by my OB weekly which is very comforting and have had no cervical changes. I am still contracting a fair bit so am trying to stay pretty low key. After my last scare I am drinking tons of water and have omitted Red Velvet cupcakes (this bulgarian boy like his father and sister really enjoys sugar).

I do not have the above bag but own a couple of the Lug bags and they are my favourite Mommy purses. I am hoping this will be the next bag in my possession as it would make a lovely diaper bag (hint hint Dear).

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Sherry C said...

I'm thinking of you and pray your in for a long pregnancy. Love the bag too. Wishing you many weeks of catching up on daytime TV. I bet Elizabeth is getting excited about being a big sister. Is she going to grade one?