Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reptile Party

We decided to have Elizabeth's birthday party early just in case the little guy plans to appear (and so far this is not the case). Elizabeth has wanted since last year for her birthday party to have a reptile party so we found a great place that you could go and visit the reptiles (having them at my house is not really a thought I wanted to consider). This party was everything she had hoped for; holding tarantula's, snakes, lizards and other small creatures was definitely to her liking. All her friends seemed to enjoy themselves and weren't too leery of these creatures.
Every time I looked at Elizabeth during her party she was beaming and it was great to see her with her classmates who all really enjoy being with her and sharing her odd interests.
In lieu of gifts this year we asked her friends to bring a small gift for a baby in the NICU as this year we want to continue the tradition and bring gifts for the babies in the NICU this Christmas. Elizabeth did luck out and received some pretty cool gifts for herself too; the dino poop, dino cookie cutters and dino crafts were certainly not unappreciated by her.


Anne said...

What an awesome party idea! I'm so glad Elizabeth had fun!

I Just Love You said...

sounds fun! i would have loved that at her age! happy to hear little man is still baking away. :)

Sherry C said...

Great party my oldest at 11 would still love a party like that but I'm not as brave as you are. I hope your doing well. Elizabeth looks so great in those pictures. It's great to hear she is doing so well socially too.