Sunday, September 30, 2007

We need to get out more.

'Oh my goodness, oh my goodness we are going to a grocery store' squeals Elizabeth as I pull into our local grocery store parking lot. Elizabeth could not believe I was taking her to buy groceries. Ivan and I have always saved our errands for when the other parent can stay at home with her. Guilt plagues me every time I have to take her out to do something that is not associated with one of her therapy goals. I count the wasted minutes spent in the car or in a grocery cart as time I have not spent working on her walking or providing sensory stimulating activities for her to do. From the glee in her voice about getting to go to the grocery store I know that this is something we will have to involve her in. Besides we can always work on her Auditory-Verbal therapy goals while we are shopping, we are currently providing descriptives for her to tell us what an object is 'I am looking for something that is yellow, a fruit and you can peel it'.
Elizabeth got her first haircut by our friend/hairdresser Helen. Helen was the only one who could help us with the lipstick disaster we had (note pink near Elizabeth's mouth). With Helen's lipstick remover we were successfully able to remove the lipstick from Elizabeth and our leather furniture.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I haven't checked out your blogger for a while now and I just can't believe how much I have missed. This is such amazing progress for you all and I am so thrilled for you. I can't get over how grown up Elizabeth is and how gorgeous she is, I just love those curls.

You kids are just great.

Big hugs and kisses from all the family in Australia,

Janet and Tony.