Monday, October 29, 2007

What's New

Elizabeth is having a great time at pre-school and until this weekend been healthy despite being with other kids. Elizabeth has even introduced herself to the class fish by reaching her hand into the tank and grabbing him, we hope the fish survived.
Elizabeth saw her Developmental Pediatrician and she was pleased with her progress. Her feeling is that Elizabeth is showing signs of cerebellum damage (ataxia) but we will not get the proper diagnosis until next year as there is a wait list of a year for MRI's here. She feels that in time in her brain damage will be more apparent as fine motor skills are developing. She had said kids similar to Elizabeth may have difficulty with printing, catching a ball and riding a bike. Cerebellum injuries are very similar to being drunk and her difficulties are similar to a person who is intoxicated. On her assessment Elizabeth weighed 24lb 10oz, which was less than her August weight.
Elizabeth has been eating like a champ she tells us she is an 'eating machine', she still needs to be watched carefully for choking but is eating anything we put on her plate. She has even started to bite foods which is a huge achievement. Elizabeth loves broccoli, meat of any kind, cheese and oranges.
Currently Elizabeth has a cold and nasty gastro which has left her with days of diarrhea and diaper rash. She is still happy and is getting ready for Halloween.


Miracles said...

What a beautiful princess!!

Well I hope this bug she has doesn't interupt with Halloween. I can see her now in that adorable little costume.

I also hope the fish survived too. Oh what a story in years to come if it didn't.

Melanie said...

HA HA HA.........
she's obviously a great fisherman!
Hope the fish is ok!!

Anonymous said...

My son Kellar also has a cerebellum bleed...He at one time showed alot of ataxia, but it seems to have leveled out some...I'm glad I came across your blog..