Sunday, March 13, 2005

Elizabeth had a busy, challenging and very tiring week. On Wednesday she was transferred to Joseph Brant hospital, in their special care nursery. She had a difficult time settling and has had a couple of setbacks.
Her reflux has gotten worse since the transfer, requiring her feeds to be set back is needing oxygen continuously again. Once Elizabeth gets used to her environment (nurses, lights, etc.) and the nurses feel comfortable with her ups and downs (oxygen level) after she has been fed, hopefully she will be back to her normal self.
Her mom and dad have been quite concerned as they haven't been able to cuddle due to her unstable moments.
On Friday, Elizabeth and all other babies in the nursery had to be evacuated as sewage was coming out of the sinks and the cleanup crew did not wait until the babies were out before starting to vacuum. Her mom and dad pray that she does not get any infections from the disaster.
Despite all of this stress, Elizabeth is still gaining weight and is over 1600 grams. Her parents hope she can come home soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi...I hope everything is ok...I'm really sorry to hear about all the events happening thoughts are with you...

Birgit said...

I will keep the 3 of you in my thoughts and prayers. Elizabeth has proven to be a strong little girl who has and continues overcome so much. I'm sure she can't wait to be in mommy and daddys arms again.