Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Elizabeth is a growing girl. She is now 1584 grams and has left her isolette to sleep in a cot.
Reflux is still a concern and is slowing her progress. She is breastfeeding with mom 3 times daily and is a pro at eating. She seems to eat too much which causes her heart rate to drop and she turns blue, but is able to recover on her own. Her mom thinks that she has her dad's appetite.
The transfer to St. Joseph hospital is on hold. If Elizabeth is big and strong enough when she is considered for transfer again, she may be able to go to Joseph Brant, which is much closer to her home.
Elizabeth had her eyes and ears checked this week. Both need closer and frequent checks as they are not up to norm yet. Her mom and dad hope that she will be home for Easter.


Birgit said...

She makes me laugh, she's so cute!!! As usual, Jeff says what a dolly!

Congratulations on moving into a cot.

Laur & Anthony said...


We had a really nice visit with you. You are really growing, we are happy to hear that you have your daddy's appetite!
Congrat's to you and your mom, you are feeding so well.
We hope that you will be able to go home with your mom and dad for Easter. You are going to love your house, you have very special parents.
Lot's of love,
Laur & Anthony