Sunday, January 30, 2005

Elizabeth has been doing much better in the last few days. Her breathing has improved significantly since she started the round of DEX. She was even taken off the "Low Flow" for a couple of hours and was breathing all by her self. She will continue to get the steroid for three more days. The doctors have warned us that it is very common for preemies to need some help after the DEX is finished.
Elizabeth is very alert. She does not sleep as much as she should be. Every time her parents come in to visit, they just see two big eyes peering out of her isollette. Her mom and dad have repeatedly tried to tell her that she needs to sleep so she will grow, but little Elizabeth won't listen.
Her measured weight last night was 873 grams, which is higher than the day before. Elizabeth has been losing weight since she started the DEX.


Anonymous said...

milichko Eli,ti si tolkova sladka s drehi.Baba i diado mnogo iskat barzo da rastesh .Obichame te mnogo
Diado Boris i baba Eli

burn team said...

It's great to see Lizzy is so alert and giving her mum and dad some trouble, with her staying awake.
She knows who her parents are and looks forward to their visits.Cool!
Won't be long and Lizzy will be causing all kinds of mischief at home.

Best wishes to the 3 of you, always!
Andie, RT @theGeneral

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Elizabeth is so beautiful.. in no time will you have to keep the boys away with a leash. the updates are great, the photos fabulous.. keep us posted
take care of my thoughts, sabrina

Laur & Anthony said...

We are so happy to hear and see that she is doing so well. Mom and dad she is so beautiful.
Can't wait to see you guy's.
Miss you.
Laur & Nay

Birgit said...

She's not listening to you already?!? You guys are in trouble when she's a teenager!!!