Sunday, January 09, 2005

Elizabeth is 28 weeks and 5 days old and likes mom's milk. She has gained an ounce in the last 24 hours, which means that she is that much stronger. The doctors were getting ready to extubate her today, but didn't because she needed to be examined by an ENT. If her blood gases are also good tomorrow she will go on CPAP.
All of the tests that she got done last week came back negative (for infection) except for one, which showed that some bacteria was present in her nose. She is receiving antibiotics that seem to be helping her.
Her nurse today said that dad will be able to hold her in the afternoon. Dad held her for an hour and she fell asleep. Her grandma and granpa came to visit for a while too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Angi and Ivan
Congrats on your beautiful daughter. I love the new picture with her eyes open. I say an extra prayer every night for you all. Wishing you all the best in this new year.
Love to all
Cheryl & Bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie & Ivan

Your little angel is beautiful. I am so happy to hear she is doing better. This website was a great idea.
My thought are with all of you.

Hang in there.
Marnie, David & Riley

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan and Angie,

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby are truly blessed. This is a great idea to keep friends and family up to date. You are always on my mind and in my heart.

Love always,
Mara and Mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan and Ange,
I just wanted to say that i am thinking about you guys, and little Lizzie. What a remarkable little girl. I hope one day soon all the ups and downs of having a preemie, will be replaced by the steady joy of having a baby at home :)

Lisa (Lauries Cousin)