Saturday, January 01, 2005

In the afternoon Elizabeth was active, moving her arms and wiggling her feet. Her big eyes were wide open. The nurse said that she had been swinging, but her blood gases came back good, so the RT will continue to reduce her respitory rate. At 12:50 she had another "brady" spell as her heart rate and O2 concentration dropped significantly (to 90 and 69). A sign of the uncertain and difficult times ahead. The nurse explained that this will be part of her normal routine, and joked that Elizabeth will teach mom and dad to be patient. Within a few minutes Elizabeth was back within range. Her breathing rate was set to 40 at 21% (i.e., room air). The doctor ordered a loading dose of coffeine to prepare her for coming off the ventilator sometime tomorrow.
However, chances are Elizabeth will not last, but it's worth the risk since it is better for her lungs when she is breathing on her own.