Monday, January 03, 2005

Mom spent most of the day at the hospital, while dad "fixed" stuff around the house. Earlier today, Elizabeth and mom had a "kangaroo care" session. For almost an hour and a half Elizabeth lay on her mom's chest and even had a snooze. Apparently babies can hear the heart beat of their parent and find it comforting. Studies have shown that skin to skin contact helps parent/child bonding and generally preemies do much better.

It's 18:30 and Elizabeth is doing O.K. Her stats are good and her vent is set to 20 breaths per minute at 23%. She wasn't stable enough to go on CPAP today (i.e., come off the ventilator), but the staff are hopeful that she can do that tomorrow as her gases this evening were good. She also met grandma (Elizabeth) and grandpa (Boris) for the first time but kept her eyes closed.

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