Thursday, January 06, 2005

On Tuesday Elizabeth experienced a small setback (sadly, it was expected) as she had to be intubated. She was trying very hard and managed to be vent-free for nearly 24 hours.

Today is grandpa Malcolm's birthday and he turned 58.

Elizabeth had another tough day. She is very tired and pale, barely able to open her eyes or move her arms and tiny feet. She is definitely not her energetic self and is probably septic, which means that she has some kind of infection in her blood. This is again very common for preemies and is treated with antibiotics. Elizabeth's nurses and doctors were quick to notice that she was not feeling well and ordered the tests immediately. They gave her the first dose of antibiotics around 16:00. To make sure the infection hadn't spread to her brain her nurses had to do a lumbar puncture to test the fluid in her brain. Initial results were promising, but it takes up to three days for the rest of the results to come back. Elizabeth is getting some blood right now, so she can hopefully feel better in the morning. She is in pretty good hands.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angi and family
Congratulations on the early birth of your baby daughter. She is in good hands, take each day as it comes as she only gets stronger with each. Continue to be strong, we are all behind you. And don't worry about your early mat leave, haha
only best wishes,
sabrina from the btu/icu