Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Elizabeth had a pretty good weekend. Today is her 52nd day at McMaster Hospital. She is able to sleep more since she received her last dose of DEX. She has slowly gaining the much needed weight. The chubbier the better! Her feeds were increased to 6.5 ccs per hour from 6. She is still being watched because she is getting reflux, which has become more frequent now that she is getting more milk. The reflux is causing her heart rate and oxygen level to drop below the norm for short periods of time. This is likely due to her premature stomach, which she will hopefully outgrow soon.
She is still on Low Flow but is getting minimal support.
The doctors have told us that soon she may be transferred to another hospital as she will not meed as much care as before. They have assured us that this will not happen unless Elizabeth is able to breathe on her own and her stomach has matured so she can tolerate her feeds.


burn team said...

Hey, Lizzy, your really guzzling the food, now.
It won't be long and you will be ready to move out of Mac and to your home hospital. Then you know where the next stop will be...HOME.

Best wishes to Mum and Dad!

Andie, RT@ the General.

Judy said...

How absolutely wonderful! I am so thrilled for all of you that Lizzy is now in the kilo club and doing so well. I am sure that she will be home with you in no time.
Love Aunt Judy