Sunday, February 27, 2005

Elizabeth is now over 3 lbs (1364 grams) and her skin is filling out. She has a double chin! She is a happy baby, rarely cries has big smiles and keeps herself busy by looking out of her isolette when she is awake.
She comes out for cuddles twice a day with her mom and dad who read her stories and sing songs (mom does most of the singing).
Reflux is still a problem for Elizabeth. During her last CPAP set-back she was again put on continuous feeds. During the week her doctors and nurses decreased changed the period of time to 1 hour (she is getting 18 ml. of milk over a period of 1 hour). She is also getting medication for the reflux, and it seems to be help. The nurses have said that she should outgrow this by 37 weeks.
Elizabeth still practices breastfeeding (with mom only) and loves it, but she gets tired. If she is able to tolerate feeds over .5 hours she will likely go to another hospital by the end of the week.


Laur & Anthony said...

Wow, over 3 pounds now. That is fantastic! Your looking great. As we have said before, we are so proud of you, your mom and dad. It won't be long now and you will be coming home. We can not wait until you are at home.
Lot's of love;
Laurie & Anthony

Anonymous said...

Your baby is amazing and beautiful. We are so happy to see how well she is doing, she is truly a miracle baby.
We wish you guys all the best!
Marnie, Dave & Riley

Birgit said...

Another great milestone! She is definitely a beauty. And developing a double chin...I guess that's Elizabeths way of telling everybody to keep their chin up!

Anonymous said...

Milichko Eli,chestita Baba Marta,Baba i dido ti jelaiat da si zdravichka i skoro da si badesh u doma.

Anonymous said...

4estita BABA MARTA na vsi4ki.Jelaem vi da ste mnogo zdrave i malkata Elizabeth Ann skoro da si bade pri vas v kashti.

Celuvki Venzi,Iveta.lelia Toni,July i ne na posledno miasto malkata Andrea