Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today was Elizabeth's last day on DEX. She will continue to get another kind of medication which is inhaled to help her transition. Hopefully the medications will work as expected and she will not require CPAP again. She is still on the "Low Flow".
Yesterday Elizabeth had another blood transfusion because she was very pale and her pulse was dropping at times. Now she is pink again.
Today she weighted 915 grams (over 2 lbs) and is 33.5 centimeters (13.2 inches) long.
She is tolerating her feeds, which are fortified with extra calories and vitamins to help with the weight gain.
Elizabeth got her first bath in the "big girl" tub and she loved it, but it tired her out.
Her favourite toy is the soother. She works very hard at keeping it in, but when it falls out her backup plan is to scream until the big people put it back in.


Anonymous said...

She has come such a long is amazing! That is great that she is over 2 lbs now! Our thoughts are with you all!

Best wishes
Duane and Heather Vey :O)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

We are so happy to see that Elizabeth is doing so much better. We check everyday hoping for some good news. I am happy to hear she is gaining weight and it sounds like she already has her own personality.

Hang in there
Marnie & Dave

Auntie Jenny & Uncle Philly said...

Elizabeth, we are so proud that you are doing so amazing!! Your Bestest Uncle and I think of you all the time and can't wait for you to come home!! Keep gaining the weight, just a little more and you'll be in the kilo club:)and soon you will catch up to Busta Boy!! Lots of Love, Auntie Jenny and Uncle Philly XOXO

burn team said...

WOW! Lizzy...Your really packing the beef now, and getting bigger too.Get your Hgb stable and there will be no stopping you.

Best wishes to Lizzy's Mum and Dad.

Take care all 3 of you!

Andie, RT @the General.