Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Towards the end of last week and during the weekend Elizabeth felt pretty good and would often come out of her isolette for cuddles with her mom and dad.
Early Monday morning she had to go back on CPAP, because during the night her oxygen levels had dropped significantly (several times) and she did not respond well when her nurse increased her Low Flow. Her nurses and doctors suspect that it was a combination of fatigue and reflux that caused her to de-sat. After all, she is still only 34 weeks and should not be expected to do so much work (breathe, keep her own temp, digest food and even put up with her dad's singing).
For the last two days, Elizabeth has been crying. She looked extremely sad and disappointed because she had to have the CPAP mask on.
Her nurse tonight took the CPAP off and while Elizabeth's mom and dad were there she did pretty well on the Low Flow. She is also receiving medication for the reflux.
Elizabeth's last blood test show that her bone marrow is slowly waking up. This means that she will be able to produce her own hemoglobin, which she doesn't have very much of.


Anonymous said...

We are sad and disappointed for you too Elizabeth, having to go back on the CPAP is no fun at all! I'm sure it won't be for long though, you are doing so well and you are such a plucky little girl. Lots of special love to you and your mum and dad.
The Aussie ConnectionsXXX

Anonymous said...

Ivan, plaese stop singing to Elizabeth. Play her some Celine or Shania tunes instead.

burn team said...

Hey Lizzy,
For 34 weeks you're looking good.
Hang in just a little while longer, cause going home is just around the corner.

Best wishes to all 3 of you!

Andie, RT@theGeneral.

burn team said...

Hello Elizabeth!!! You are doing sooo well! Your Mom and Dad are very strong and I can see that in you ...Best Wishes.Amy & Max