Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Elizabeth is almost 5 months old (about 6 weeks corrected age). At the pediatrician office today she weighted in at 8 pounds and 5 ounces (3.77 kg). She has almost doubled since she came home.
She is still breastfeeding and keeps to a strict routine, she is fed every 3 hours, but enjoys an extra snack before bed in the evening. She is mostly awake and playing during the day, and only wakes up at 2:00 and at 6:00 to eat during the night. She is a wonderful baby.
Elizabeth's eye doctor told us that her retina have matured and she only needs to bee seen every couple of months (great news!).
She also went for her hearing test last week. The results were inconclusive, but were not positive. So far the tests have shown that her brain is unable to process electrical impulses from the cochlea (via the auditory nerve). She is waiting for another appointment at Sick Children's hospital to be seen by a specialist.


Anonymous said...

Great news of the continued good progress, Elizabeth is just doing so well. Good luck with the next hearing test.
Love to you all and thanks for the updates.
Love Janet and Tony and the rest of the Aussie gang.

Laur & Anthony said...


You are doing fantastic. Anthony and I are glad to hear that you are such a great eater, over 8 pounds now. It is great that you will not have to see the eye doctor as often.

We hope that you get your appointment at Sick Kids soon, we hope that it goes well..

Lot's of love,

Laur & Anthony