Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth had a great birthday. She got lots of presents (an easel for drawing pictures and a big wheel bike) and her cake was shaped like Dora's backpack. When she was asked how hold she was, Elizabeth held up 5 finger and said "twooo". Her vocabulary keeps expanding, she's recently added some opposites, "over" and "under". She's starting to use two words together such as "open door".
December has been a rough month for Elizabeth. She was in the hospital twice. First, she was admitted for pneumonia and RSV which is common for preemies. It is evident that her lungs are still very fragile. As result she will be receiving monthly RSV immunization.
During her first visit, she contracted gastroenteritis and needed to go back to McMaster for dehydration.
Since, Elizabeth has been eating very well to make up for her lengthy illness. She even ate broccoli...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! Were glad to hear your feeling better. Hope to see you soon.

Olivia & Avery

Anonymous said...

Brocolli? Sounds like an illness! You need to spend more time with your Grandpa who has got to the very ripe old age of 50+ without eating anything GREEN.

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Elizabeth. Sorry to hear you have not been well but delighted that you are now much better. We hope you (and your mum and dad) will have a great New Year, Good Health, Happiness and lots of fun.
Lots and Lots of Love from your family in Australia.