Friday, June 01, 2007

Today was humid


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture. My goodness your gettting big Elizabeth, your such a pretty girl. I love your curls.
Love Laurie, Anthony & Alex

Miracles said...

Olivia has been sporting the same hairstyle the past few days as well with this weather.
If they were side by side in this picture people would for sure say they are twin sisters. Too Cute!!

Anonymous said...

skapo moe pravnuche,skapo elinze. na 24.mai 2oo7 g. biah na gosti pri vas v canada i te vidjah,pregarnah i zelunah za parvi pat,dano ne e za posleden. neka tatko ti sapasi tia redove,da si gi preprochitach sled godini kogato porasnech. zeluvam te i te pregrachtam ochte vednag. pradiado ti mitko