Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Day At School

Elizabeth has started pre-school and is loving it. She is the only child in her class who does not cry when I drop her off, this has made the transition for mommy so much easier. The staff at her school were so surprised at how well she has done and that she is always happy.
Elizabeth has also found a new appreciation in make-up and while Mommy was getting dressed this morning got into Mommy's make-up and applied the 12hr lipstick to compliment her outfit. As the lipstick is designed to last all day it would not wash off so Elizabeth went to school covered in lipstick and is now in bed with the lipstick still on.


Sarah said...

Hooray! We rarely have tears, either - today was actually the first time in AGES that we have had. :^( LOVE her silver shoes - those are AWESOME.

Miracles said...

OMG!! She looks so grown up!