Friday, January 18, 2008

A New Year

We have decided to dedicate the 2008 year as "The Year of Less Barf" (note I did not say none I still am realistic). The past couple of months have been quite barfy for Elizabeth due to many reasons all which we will pursue this year. Reason for barfing are many and as Elizabeth is getting older it is getting better but still is an issue. December was the breaking point for us when Elizabeth said 'Mommy I am afraid to eat", this was due to 10 days of vomiting straight due to a cold. I keep thinking there has to be something we are doing or not doing to contribute to this and am determined to find a way to have less barf.
Our plan of attack has brought some answers already and have allowed her almost 3 weeks of no barf (a miracle), it was ended by a flu bug but it was great.
1. Change homo milk to soy (this has made a huge change already no regurgitation and an increased hunger).
2. Avoidance of new identified food allergies (egg and tree nut, we are now equipped with an epi-pen).
3. A new pediatrician (who recommended 1, 2& 4).
4. See a gastroenterologist (about time).
5. Private speech and language therapist who will work on incoordination with feeding and swallowing.
6. A new ENT (one who is not obsessed with her ears, who will find why she barfs out her nose).
7. A swallow study to rule out aspiration and find out why she changes colour with cold foods (long waitlist).
8. Diet changes (thanks to Kathryn who is a wealth of knowledge regarding Nutrition and an amazing mom).
9. Flax oil (we have been slowly adding it to her milk, thanks Kathryn).
10. Slippery Elm to help repair all the damage that reflux does to her stomach (thanks again Kathryn).
11. Music Therapy (to help us work through her slow song = barf dilemma).
12. A new chair to eat in, a supportive chair slows her swaying and helps her to concentrate on the task.
So far things are working quite well for Elizabeth, she looks healthier and is enjoying her meals. So far she hasn't noticed some of the things I have been hiding in her foods, Daddy has though. It is amazing that ground turkey and minced carrots are hardly detectable in a taco.


abby said...

This is a great list. We've already been doing the flax oil to GREAT results (especially where pooping is concerned) and getting rid of the cow dairy has really cleared up a lot of Hallie's phlegminess and 'colds' (though teething is making up for this some right now, which sucks, as you pointed out in your comment on our blog). And the GI and ENT consults and swallow study---all great ideas. And I must check out the slippery elm angle and your friend Kathryn. What's odd in our lives (and probably this goes for you guys, too) is that Hallie has all of this super duper organic wholefoods, nutty crunchy stuff in her diet, and the two of us are eating really poorly! Oh well, if it works I'll buy it, and if it even just has a chance of working, I'm there, too.

Good luck with your goal, and remember that you are our role models! Especially Elizabeth...

Jacolyn said...

Sounds like a great plan and I will pray that you all have a barf-free year.

The Hull Munchkins said...

I like your list for elimination of Barf! Like you, our family has had our share of Barfing... but unfortunately we've had to resort to GJ feedings. I feel your pain.
I hope Lizzy keeps up her oral skills and eating of foods. It's wonderful to learn from other moms!
We will be trying the flax seed oil soon too.
Thanks for sharing.