Sunday, January 06, 2008

We love it!

Elizabeth now that she is 3 is becoming quite a mischievous girl and is getting into all sorts of trouble this week. In the summer we had converted Elizabeth's crib to a day bed and equipped it with a baby gate to prevent her falling out. For months and months Elizabeth has never tried to get out of her bed, she calls in the morning and we go and get her out. While lying in bed in the morning trying to get up (Elizabeth wakes at 6:30) but hoping for an extra 1/2 hr as I am working night shift I hear little feet pitter patter. Jumping out of bed I find Elizabeth teetering at the top of our staircase ready to step. Since Elizabeth has started walking stairs are a danger as she thinks she can just walk across to get down.

Being so impressed with her new skill we called Daddy at work to gloat over her new accomplishment. When it was time for her nap today Elizabeth being too impressed with her new skill decided naps were not for her and climbed out of her bed repeatedly. The first time I found her in her chair reading books, then she was caught emptying her dresser of all her clothes and then in the bathroom looking for trouble. Each time she would say 'good morning Mommy I had a good nap'.

As Elizabeth has discovered her new skill this may be the end of her naps, which for me is quite saddening but in the same we are so excited that she is beginning to climb.


Melissa said...

Yay!! Elizabeth. But poor mommy for no more naps.

Miracles said...

Haha too funny! They can be such little angels one minute and little devils the next.

I wonder what she'll get into next?

abby said...

It's funny how all of us are so excited by our kids doing mischievous things that would annoy other, non micropreemie parents. Anyway, we love Elizabeth's little antics!

The Hull Munchkins said...

Loved the video for Lizzy's 3rd b-day. She has come a long way!
You asked about the therapy we are doing with Abby... I'd love to chat about it through email.


Jacolyn said...

What a big girl! Oh...but the naps...try to hang on to those :)