Sunday, August 03, 2008


The weather cooperated and we were able to meet up with Shannon, Brian and the girls at Marineland. Elizabeth was so excited to see her friends and Marineland on the same day. Every time the commercial for Marineland comes on at home Elizabeth screams for me to come and watch with her. Elizabeth loved the rides, she was a bit let down as she could only go only the little rides and not the big roller coasters, she really is a daredevil. She loved feeding the beluga whales, deer and bears. The beluga's enjoyed fish, the deer loved ice cream cones and the bears expired corn pops (courtesy of Marineland and our wallets). Elizabeth loved the dolphin show and was amazed by the killer whales. We didn't get home until after bedtime and all the girls were great despite no naps.


Miracles said...

It was great seeing you guys and the girl's were very good despite their lack of sleep.

Hope to see you soon!!

Jacolyn said...

Oh how fun!! There is a SeaWorld in San Antonio, TX but we may have to wait until Nov or Dec when it cools off. It was 107 earlier this week!